Best keyboard piano under 100$$ Reviews Pros & Cons

Best keyboard piano under 100$$

Buying a keyboard piano is not necessarily a big investment all the time. All that you need is to make out whether or not you are capable of conducting good research and figure out the ‘price for value’ availability of the product. Besides, if you are a novice, you are actually going to have a lot of options, but all those come at a higher cost. It is quite obvious that you will not get much confidence to invest in such huge money. However, 100 bucks is quite a decent amount to start with! At least, that will help you to gain some experience so that you can make a greater investment sometime later. If you are just starting up, $100 is quite a good figure. Once you think that you want to grow up to be a pro in this field, or have got your passion for it, you can certainly raise the amount and buy a high order instrument with a lot of added functionality.

best keyboard piano under 100$$
best keyboard piano under 100$$

All you need is to have your patience and maintain your consistency in all that you do! Once you see that you are passionate about playing a piano or that is something you want to take up as a career option, you can surely accelerate up to a piano with more features. Besides, if you are purchasing one for your kid and you are just craving to figure it out that whether or not your child is enjoying to play it, 100 bucks will initially be a good option to experiment. It is pretty affordable and you can actually make out if your kid is enjoying the whole procedure.

Is 100 dollars a good option to invest in a keyboard piano Guide?

100 dollars is certainly a good investment to make! Of course, you cannot expect to have all the features in it but that’s not that bad either! It is something that you would probably be able to afford at the very beginning and once you find things going out smoothly, you may choose to shift to a high-order instrument that actually works hruyrr with a lot of add-ons. It is an ideal option for all novice players.

What are the factors to look for purchasing your keyboard piano?

Buying a piano is of course, an affair that involves money. Thus, you ought to conduct your own set of research in order to check out if you are actually happy with the deal as well as it permits your pocket or not! Here are a few important parameters to consider:

  • Size

Choose the size only after you are sure about the amount of space that you will be able to allow for it to keep. Once you are sure of the space, you can compare it with different sizes available and choose the device accordingly.

  • Portability

Always prefer to go for a device that is compact and portable. This will give you the assurance of carrying my it wherever you want! Therefore, you can easily carry it to ant place you want to! It will also help you to carry the device along with you to a pool party, in case you want to play it out there!

Number of keys

Based on whether you want to be a pro piano player or you just want to try out your hand on it, you should be choosing the number of keys. You may either go for a 44 key keyboard or a 61 key deal or you may even opt for the 61 keys, whichever suits you the best!

  • Action and touch sensitivity

If you are looking for a piano that emits good sounds, you need to go for a device only after you have checked its action and touch sensitivity. Play the piano or go for a demo and only after you are satisfied, you may go for a keyboard. You may also try it the other way out!

  • Extra features

Definitely, the price goes on increasing as you keep looking for devices with more features. Therefore, you need to make out what you actually need and how much you will be able to afford for it. Make your investment for the device accordingly.

  • Price

Price is yet another significant factor that you can never ignore when it comes to purchase. If you are equally confused as me about the amount of money that you would need to invest, make sure that you compare a lot of gadgets that are available at the same price range and then make your choice amomgst them.

  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews actually matter a lot. This is a clear depiction of the feedbacks received from the real customers who have already got an experience of using the keyboard. It is always better to talk to them before finalizing your deal. This is because they will know things better and thus, you will be able to gain confidence in the purchase.

List of the Best keyboard piano under 100$$

Casio SA76 Mini
Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard
​Casio CTK-2550 -Best Casio Keyboard
Goplus Classical Piano
RockJam 54-key Keyboard
Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard
Casio SA 77
Joy KL-91M Piano Keyboard Starter Pack
GreenPro 61 Key Portable Piano Keyboard
LAGRIMA Electric Piano Keyboard
Plixio 61 Key Electric Music Keyboard Piano

1. Casio SA76 Mini

Casio SA76 Mini
Casio SA76 Mini

If you are going through a tight budget and cannot deny to your kids’ request at the same time, this 44-keys Casio SA76 is the one you should try out! This piano model is a must-have for any kid who seems to be a piano enthusiast. If you find that you want to give a device to your siblings at home or some small kid on his birthday, nothing can be a better deal than this! It has a really good sound quality as per the price you would be paying for it. The Casio SA76 mini is handy to use and you can let your child do all his experiments on this particular device before you actually hand him over with a more expensive gadget.

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  • It comes with 44 mini-sized keys
  • It comprises of 5 percussion pads
  • There are 50 rhythm patterns
  • It comprises of 100 songs
  • The Amp Output is of 0.8+8 Watts
  • It is extremely lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to carry
  • It features with a melody on-off lesson function
  • It is available at an affordable price


  • It is ideal for the kids but not for the pros
  • The model does not come with an adapter

2. Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard

Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard
Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard

The best thing about this particular model is the sound quality. Even though it is available at just 100 dollars, it makes no compromise in terms of its quality. This 61 key keyboard set is pretty awesome for all sorts of new players. If you are one of those who love playing, this is the one for you! Another amazing thing about this keyboard is that it comes with a keyboard bundle which means that you will not have to go elsewhere to find any accessory for your keyboard. Instead, you would be getting everything all together. If you are just in the learning phase, this is the right choice for you. It is equipped with an onboard recording function which allows you to record things appropriately so that you can check them out later on post the practice session.


  • It offers 300+ inbuilt songs along with 300 built-in rhythms
  • Being available at such a lower price, it ensures keeping pace with its sound quality
  • There is also a recording function which ensures record options available with the device
  • It comprises of a stand, a headphone, a microphone and a bench too
  • It consists of 40 preset songs
  • You can also opt for taking free lessons of piano along with this device for a tenure of 2 months


  • It is certainly a good option for the newbies, but once you are done with your experiment, you should surely upgrade your preference to a better piano
  • There is no output for the sustain pedals
  • The keys of this keyboard are made up of plastic

3. ​Casio CTK-2550 -Best Casio Keyboard

​Casio CTK-2550 -Best Casio Keyboard
​Casio CTK-2550 -Best Casio Keyboard

This model is absolutely apt for beginners. It is pretty decent and comes with an LCD screen that displays the notations at ease. If you are recently starting up and don’t know how to start, this device would be the right deal for you. It is a 61 key electronic piano that is more than what your kids would look for! It comes with non-weighted keys and the user interface is so very simple that you would always look up to hook over it every time you feel bored. It also comes with a dance music mode which is just amazing if you are looking for trying out some good options to play.


  • It comes up with 400 voices and 100 rhythms
  • It features 61 keyboard percussions.
  • The step-up lesson app makes it a perfect system for the newbies
  • It is extremely lightweight and comes at a weight of around 7.3 lbs
  • It offers good sound quality at an affordable price


  • It isn’t the deal for you if you are looking for a piano with weighted keys. It isn’t a good choice for the pros though!

4. Goplus Classical Piano

Goplus Classical Piano
Goplus Classical Piano

If you are looking forward to gifting a piano to a baby girl, I guess there is no better option than this one! Yeah, it comes in a sweet pink shade that is extremely attractive among the children, particularly among the girls. If you are ever thinking of gifting your kid, cousin or any of the birthday girl as a party gift, this would be the best thing to gift her. It is a very budget-friendly deal as it comes at a worth of just 100 bucks. However, the gadget does not make any compromise in terms of sound quality and it feels just like a xylophone being played.


  • It offers 30 piano-style keys
  • It is portable which means that you can easily carry it anywhere you want
  • The keyboard is absolutely lightweight
  • It comes with an attractive pink shade
  • It is featured with songs that you can try out
  • It is a sturdy material with smooth finishing
  • It comes with a bench and a music rest that is included along with the set
  • It is durable for the kids to use
  • It doesn’t have sharp edges and thus, it is absolutely apt for the kids to use


  • It is not the one for you if you are looking for a 88 key keyboard.
  • It is ideally meant for the kids below 6 years

5. RockJam 54-key Keyboard

RockJam 54-key Keyboard
RockJam 54-key Keyboard

It is an amazing set that most people love to play along, particularly the ones who are interested in playing piano and have been trying it for the very first time. It is an ideal handset for all those people who prefer to travel too often. It would work the best even if you want to play it in the middle of the road. This model is the perfect one for all those innovative players who want to play their favorite tunes whenever they feel like! Definitely, it is going to satisfy you if you have been looking for a mini keyboard with some good functionality and decent sound quality. Without a doubt, one can say that it is one of the best deals as per the price you pay for it.


  • It comprises of 54 touch-sensitive keys
  • It comprises of LCD display wherein you can put on the teaching mode for easy learning
  • It is operated with batteries and thus, you do not need to search for an electric plug point at every place you go
  • It is just 8.2 lbs which is extremely lightweight
  • It comes with a compact design which makes it easy to carry as well as seem attractive at the same time
  • It is portable and stylish as well


  • It comes with non-weighted keys
  • It isn’t the one if you are looking for an acoustic keyboard

6. Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard

Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard
Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard

Are you entering into the music industry recently? Are you planning to learn playing a piano very soon? If that’s the case, this Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard will be a perfect choice for you. It is extremely handy and has got some professional features that are really amazing. It is absolutely easy to carry anywhere, thus, you can take it at any place you feel like. If you are more of a person who prefers to go on a camp or is a frequent visitor to the pool party, this digital music piano keyboard will be an ideal choice for you.

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  • It is absolutely easy to use which makes it an ideal choice for the beginners
  • It comes with an auto-bass function
  • There are single and fingered chord options which has in turn, made this model so very popular among the customers
  • It features a built-in recorder that is capable of handling the playback too
  • It is absolutely lightweight, weighing just around 7 lbs
  • It comes with several deluxe effects that can make your playing experience even better
  • The integrated learning system is an added bonus to this model for your easy remembering of the notes


  • It consists of keys that aren’t actually of a standard size
  • Some of the customers have been complaining about this particular piano set that the keys stop functioning at times
  • The sound is not up to the mark!

7. Casio SA 77

Casio SA 77
Casio SA 77 Digital Piano

If you are looking for a piano that will satisfy all your needs without compelling you to pay such a hefty amount, this is the one! Among the many piano models from Casio, this is yet another model that is doing really well in the market. One of the best things about this product is that it offers amazing sound quality without making any sort of compromise. It produces an incredible sound which is just apt for any beginner to deal with! It weighs just 1.5 lbs and thus, you may choose to carry it anywhere you want.


  • It gives you the exact feel of playing an acoustic piano. All you need is to attach it to the sustain pedal and you are done!
  • It features 44 touch-sensitive keys which is good enough for the kids
  • It comes with 100 tones and 50 rhythms
  • It has got 8 note polyphony
  • Unlike most models of Casino, the sound quality is quite solid. There is no compromise about it
  • It gives you the provision to switch between the piano and organ mode, which allows you to choose between any of the two
  • It offers 10 built-in songs
  • It lets you play drum sounds as well


  • It comprises of non-weighted keys
  • It does not come with a MIDI

​8. Joy KL-91M Piano Keyboard Starter Pack

Joy KL-91M Piano Keyboard Starter Pack
Joy KL-91M Piano Keyboard Starter Pack

If you are playing to purchase a piano sometimes sooner and is unable to make out which particular model to buy, this would be a must-check! It is available at a price below 100 dollars which is quite low and you will get some unique features along with it. You are sure to love the way it works! This particular gadget is very handy and the sound quality that it provides is something that a lot of expensive pianos fail to produce. It helps the beginners to learn easier and faster which in turn, makes this a perfect deal for the beginners.


  • It has a great lightning mechanism which helps the players to keep a track of the notes they are playing. Thus, you get an idea about the notes you play and in turn get to ensure that you aren’t playing anything off beat.
  • It comes with several unique features
  • There are a few exclusive keyboard training apps that are simply amazing in themselves
  • This is the bundle where you should start learning and playing at the same time
  • It comes with an MP3 player which is a treat in itself
  • It features record and playback option which is really astounding
  • There are numerous vibrato and sustain effects available with this set


  • It is not a full keyboard, so the pros should not be counting this gadget in their list
  • All the keys don’t actually work
  • Some of the keys often provide static noises

9. GreenPro 61 Key Portable Piano Keyboard

GreenPro 61 Key Portable Piano Keyboard
GreenPro 61 Key Portable Piano Keyboard

If you are just planning to play the piano, this model is going to help you out. It offers instructions to the users, thereby helping them to play a gadget that is easy to play and learn. Although this isn’t a full keyboard but all the keys that it comprises of are in their sizes. The best thing about this is that it involves an adjustable tool, a pair of headphones along with a keyboard stand. Thus, you will not require to go here and there to find accessories matching with your piano anymore. You get all of them together in a single go!

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  • It is an intuitive keyboard with an LCD display on the screen for visual accessibility of the users
  • It makes things easy for the users to learn the notes
  • It comes with full sized keys
  • There are 30 demo songs available with this set
  • It comes with 300 rhythms and 300 timbres
  • There are 3 teaching modes available
  • It features an USB port
  • It is absolutely compact and ensures the users to travel along with it at ease


  • The plastic stand is not that sturdy
  • The pitch and volume is too high

​10. LAGRIMA Electric Piano Keyboard

LAGRIMA Electric Piano Keyboard
LAGRIMA Electric Piano Keyboard

Are you looking for a piano that seems to be fashionably appealing to people of all ages? If that is the case for you, it is a must-try deal for you. The best thing about this keyboard is not just the quality of sound that it produces but the interface that it provides! Even though this keyboard is available at such a low price, it comes with a MIDI compatibility which ensures the customers connect it to any instrument of their choice. Thus, you can now play your favorite soundtracks without any hassle.


  • It is good to go for both the kids and the adults as well
  • It features 12 in-built demo songs
  • It also comes with 128 rhythms and 128 tunes for creating better and more perfect harmonies
  • It also comes with a headphone jack
  • It is MIDI compatible
  • There are 61 full-sized keys available to it
  • It is extremely lightweight to carry


  • It doesn’t have weighted keys
  • They make a bit of compromise in terms of sound quality

11. Plixio 61 Key Electric Music Keyboard Piano

Plixio 61 Key Electric Music Keyboard Piano
Plixio 61 Key Electric Music Keyboard Piano

If you are either a beginner or an intermediate piano player and is looking for a piano within a budget of 100 dollars, this could be an option for you. It comes with some easy to handle features that are so amazing when it comes to playing your favorite tracks in your leisure time. It was a perfect model for both the beginners as well as the intermediate players. It went all for quite a few high-end players too. There is a lesson mode option that makes sure that you can keep learning even without an instructor.


  • It gives you the provision of improving your skills
  • There is an attached music stand wherein you can rest your music sheets
  • It comprises of 61 full-sized keys
  • It has enough features to support your playing skills
  • It comes with 60 demo songs
  • It is capable of producing sounds of various other musical instruments such as that of a saxophone, a trumpet, a harp, and a guitar
  • It features 40 tones and 100 rhythms
  • It weighs around 7 lbs and thus, you may carry it anywhere you want!
  • It has a USB connectivity to let you connect your piano with any other device


  • It comes with non-weighted keys
  • You need to shift to a better piano model for taking it up to a professional level

Wrapping up

For any piano enthusiast, it is extremely fascinating to get the right kind of piano. However, it is important to ensure that you make wise investments at the same time. You should be investing according to your proficiency as well. There’s no point in breaking your bank when you aren’t actually an expert in this field.

Trying your hand out in a new kind of instrument is always interesting but at the same time, you ought to take your decisions wisely. If you are planning to go for a ‘hit and trial’ method, it is better to pay just a few bucks initially and check if things are working smoothly. In case things go fine, you may always look forward to investing bigger.

If you are just entering into the music industry, 100 bucks is a good figure to experiment with! You can still get some really amazing models with unique features and decent sound quality. All you need is to analyze your preferences and make out that which of them are actually working fine, and thus, place the order accordingly. Once you get the right deal, you can always upgrade to better equipment for a higher value sometimes later!

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