Best MIDI controller under 100 dollars 2020 features pros & Cons

The best MIDI controller under 100 dollars in 2020

When you are all set to purchase a musical instrument, you seem to be pretty confused about which one to pick, isn’t it? Well, that happens with all of us until and unless we are actually aware of the models and their specs. Yeah, we tend to suffer from this dilemma only because we lack adequate product knowledge. If you are one of them, here’s a guide for you. Ahh, I forgot to mention the fact that the budget always seems to be a vital constraint for you. Nevertheless, there’s nothing to worry. We have decided to list products under 100 dollars so that you aren’t sucked!

Best MIDI controller under 100 dollars

Features to look in a MIDI controller as Buyer Guide

If you are passionate about music-making, this MIDI controller with a USB connectivity will be a really astounding solution for you. The biggest merit of using this is that it allows you to control different software on your workstation. The most amazing thing about this MIDI controller is that it doesn’t cost much and is affordable at a really competitive price. Also, you get it at a provision to carry anywhere as this device is extremely compact and you may carry it in your backpack while on a trip.

Each and every MIDI controller is different in its own unique way. All you need is to ensure that the one you are purchasing has got all the requisite features in it. Checking the features would fetch you the best of the deals even in a limited budget. Here are a few things to look at:

  • Weight and size

The weight and size of your MIDI controller is an essential aspect to determine the number of buttons present on it. If you get a gadget that occupies a standard amount of space or is compact, it gets easier for you to keep it situated at a single place. Too large the size of a MIDI controller makes it difficult for relocation. Also, the size of the MIDI controller is an important factor to note since it determines whether you will be able to take it to a poolside party or not!

  • Count the keys

When you are choosing a MIDI controller, you ought to count the keys that are there in your gadget. Take a note of your preferences or in case you have any choice, it is always better to go for the number of keys of your MIDI controller based on your requirement. While there are some of the keyboards that occupy more space, there are others that are fragile enough. You may either go for a 25, 33, 37, 49, 73 and 76 keys. Alongside, you should be able to know the widths, lengths and space that the device would occupy.

  • Take a note of the knobs and controls

After you have already checked out the keyboards and the keys, it is important to make sure that you take a note of the knobs, controls, faders and the pads. See to all these attributes before you are actually confirming the deal. A lot of people tend to ignore these factors initially and end up nagging at some point of time later. Make sure that you have checked and cross-checked all these things well before finalizing your purchase.

  • Breath controller and presence of other features 

From organ moderation to that of Equalizer control, you ought to ensure that all these features are incorporated in your deal. Also, you should look for buttons to assess the settings, menus, splits, transpose function and every other detail along with that of the touch strips. A lot of them seem to be lagging in some of the keyboards, but then again, having them is really a great deal.

  • Consider the compatibility issues:

It is essential to ensure that the keyboard you purchase comes with all the features that are compatible enough. It comes with mind blowing and alluring sound which should no way annoy the audience with any sort of screeching, and honking sound. Make sure that you check all these factors first and only when you are confirmed about the functionality of the gadget, bother to go for it.

  • Check the functionality:

Of course, you get a lot of provisions in different devices. However, make sure that you are purchasing a gadget that is functionally suitable to serve your purpose. It is always ideal to check the features well, and compare it with some other gadgets that are available at the same price range. Once you are ready about the device, go for it!

  • Go through the customer reviews:

Whether you are purchasing offline or online, it is always recommended to ensure that you check the customer reviews thoroughly and once you are sure, you can get the deal confirmed. You will find a lot of devices, but choosing one among the many is often a hassle, until and unless you get through the customer reviews and see real customers buying the deal so that you get to know what they have got to opine about the device.

  • Prefer to go for a MIDI that is multitimbral:

Yeah, prefer to go for a device that is capable of sending multiple channels of MIDI information. It sounds really amazing and apart from that, is considered as one of the most fascinating features for its capability of blending multiple tones at the same time. That’s really stunning and if you want to have it, make sure that you grab this feature.

  • Check whether it’s polyphony:

Polyphony is basically a feature that checks the potential of the keyboard to play multiple keys with the simultaneous production of tone. However, make sure that this particular feature is way different from the one that’s mentioned right above. While multitimbral indicates the playing of multiple sounds at the same time, polyphony indicates the playing of multiple notes simultaneously. Ensure checking out this highlighted feature all at once to make sure that you are investing on a device that will take you along a long way in the genre of music production.

  • Prefer to go for the one with a wider storage capacity:

Yeah, if you are planning to go beyond just freelancing, prefer to opt for a device with a wider storage capacity so that you can store all your required files right into it. If you are new to the world of music production and is thinking of going for a gadget that will fetch you with more provisions to practice, have one with a greater storage capacity so that you get its assistance even while you are at work.

  • Consider the price:

Never ignore the price range of the device that you are thinking to purchase. This is yet another essential factor to note. You ought to make it a provision so as to ensure that you are aware of the pricing of the product before closing the deal. There’s no point in breaking your bank if you are a newbie and have recently thought of entering into a purchasing decision. However, once you start with a smaller deal, you can gradually grow up to be a pro and purchase a higher value product with a lot of additional features sometimes later!

  • Acquire products from verified brands:

It is usually ideal to go for products from verified brands. Instead of opting for devices that aren’t that up to the mark, always opt for the ones that come from good brands. This will help you fetch devices that will yield you with a good customer support post purchase. You would definitely not like to run here and there if your gadgets call for a repair or a replace. New and small brands often yield you items wherein you get no clue about where to go, and what to do, particularly when you are finding it at fault. On the other hand, when you go for some verified brands, you always the support team to guide you anyways!

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Here is the list of products that will help you fetch the best of the details currently available in the market:

List of the Best MIDI controller under 100

Novation Launchkey Mini
Nektar Impact LX25+ MIDI controller
Midiplus AKM320 MIDI controller keyboard
M-Audio Keystation Mini
Akai professional MPK mini MKII
Worlde Panda Mini portable 25 keys USB MIDI
Samson Graphite M25 mini USB midi controller
Alesis V25
Ammoon Worlde Panda Mini

1. Novation Launchkey Mini

Novation Launchkey Mini
Novation Launchkey Mini

This 25 key Novation keypad is one of the most decent deals available in the market at present. It comes with 16 velocity sensitive drum pads, and is one of the most amazing deals for people looking for a gadget that will help them learn. If you are still wondering about which particular gadget to start with, there’s certainly no better deal than this particular product at such a competitive price. It features an easy to use software bundle along with assigned knobs and dedicated navigation buttons for your handling. This is a superb gadget and would certainly be one of the best products available at such a competitive price range.


  • It features dedicated navigation buttons along with 8 assigned knobs.
  • It comes with Ableton Live Lite, an included software
  • Although it is a small keyboard, it features 16 pads which is really decent
  • It is extremely portable, thus, allowing you to carry the device anywhere you want
  • It is one of the best products for a first-time buyer or an aspiring music enthusiast


  • A lot of users say that the keys are slightly smaller than it should be!
  • The pads of this device could be even more expressive than they actually are!

2. Nektar Impact LX25+ MIDI controller

Nektar Impact LX25+ MIDI controller
Nektar Impact LX25+ MIDI controller

It comes with 25 Synth action keys and is a perfect deal for anyone looking for a first-time purchase. The best thing about this gadget is that it is compatible to go with almost every kind of system. It lets you make your own music with mobile devices, Mac devices or PCs too! They are constructed with medium tension so that anyone who plays on it feels absolutely comfortable. The pads featured of this device is focused on producing the perfect groove and beat creation. If you are looking for an option with a membrane fit, you can always consider this particular product. The pads also offer an even velocity response, which means that it is one of the most complex in the affordable class.


  • This full size piano is best known for its durability
  • The touch pads are highly customizable which means that you get a provision to assign MIDI note number or a cc message to each of them.
  • If allows you to save your settings as they are stored with each power cycle, thereby making sure that all your settings are noted even when you switch off the keyboard.
  • It comes with 4 octave and transpose buttons
  • It offers the best experience within a budget
  • It also comes with an on-board pitch band along with modulation wheels
  • It also has a 3 mm fader and is thus, compatible with almost all sorts of operating systems


  • The keys are a bit loud

3. Midiplus AKM320 MIDI controller keyboard

Midiplus AKM320 MIDI controller keyboard
Midiplus AKM320 MIDI controller keyboard

This product is highly recommended for new producers wherein it would fit the requirement for the simplest solution in the class for any music enthusiast. If you do not want a complex device and is just seeking for a simple gadget that would offer you with a straightforward music experience, this is the one you should go for! It comes with 32 velocity sensitive keys and it is one of the biggest attractions for music players who want to go for a compact design. This gadget is a perfect deal for anyone who want to own an affordable solution that will fit your travelling productions as well.

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  • It comes with 32 keys and is perfect for anyone looking for a small gadget with all features, yet would fit into most work stations
  • It is extremely lightweight weighing around 0.72 kg.
  • The volume slider works in almost every situation, thereby helping you to go for a gadget who wants to control and customize any work
  • This is one of the coolest options for all the music enthusiasts who have been thinking of travelling while producing.
  • The USB connectivity is yet another significant features about this keyboard.
  • It also comes with pitch and modulation wheels.


  • It features limited drum functionality as reported by a lot of users.

4. M-Audio Keystation Mini

M-Audio Keystation Mini
M-Audio Keystation Mini

If you are wondering about starting your own music production, but is confused about where to start from! This M-Audio Keystation Mini is an important device that would help you with the idea of starting the music. Also, it comes with an included software which is an essential attribute of any music producing device. The best thing about this particular gadget is that it allows you to fetch a wide range of functions in a friendly design. In case you want to upgrade the system, you can always prefer to use the system with either 49 or 61 keys. It helps you fetch the impressive sound in an affordable budget. It meets all the functionalities that you could expect from a premium MIDI controller.


  • It delivers you with the best of bass lines, melodies and chords
  • It has an amazing software solution where Ableton Live will help you with the best of the productions.
  • If you are looking for a device within a budget, this M-Audio Keystation Mini would still be a nice option to choose
  • It allows you to use Xpand 2 for individual MIDI channels
  • It comprises of a sound library of 2 GB
  • This is a perfect fit for all those music enthusiasts who have just thought to start their journey in the music industry


  • Some of the users complain that they do not actually like this gadget as it comes with small keys

5. Akai professional MPK mini MKII

Akai professional MPK mini MKII
Akai professional MPK mini MKII

If you are planning to get into the music industry any time recently, this MPK mini is one of the most popular MIDI controllers available in the market at present. It is available in black and white and is known for its impressive aesthetics. It has an amazing functionality and the design is pretty decent, such that it is an astounding option for many producers out there. If you are one of those music enthusiasts who have been planning to shift to the studio and home, this will be an ideal choice for you.


  • It comes with 25 Synth action mini keys
  • It fits into a backpack, such that it is extremely portable and you can carry it anywhere you want
  • You also get 8 drum rubber pads that are illuminated and helps you fetch a really good accessibility
  • There are mini keys that help you reduce pressure that would be really amazing if you are just starting off with your music experience
  • There are 8 assignable control knobs too that will help in offering you with all the ways that will lead you to music production
  • The controller is extremely convenient to use and you get a provision in terms of its protability issues
  • There is an X-Y controller with a configurable thumbstick, which means that it goes really good for a lot of dedicated users as well
  • It comes with 10 octave range featured with up and down buttons
  • The best thing about this device is that it is compatible with a wide range of other programs as well
  • You will also get the scope to access Hybrid 3 which is certainly an amazing thing about this gadget
  • It works with VIP 3.1
  • This device is actually available in 2 different colors


  • It comes with an included software which again comes with a learning curve

6. Worlde Panda Mini portable 25 keys USB MIDI

Worlde Panda Mini portable 25 keys USB MIDI
Worlde Panda Mini portable 25 keys USB MIDI

The best thing about this product is that it is absolutely ready for action with VIP platform access. It comes with 32 low profile keys along with 8 velocity sensitive trigger pads. It comprises of an impressive design which is yet another significant attribute of this item. It features easy customization freedom wherein you will find a lot of interesting options. It also comes with the plug and play simplicity wherein you can connect it via USB itself. It comes with a dedicated pitch bend along with transpose buttons so that you get an immediate access to the entire note range. Not just this, it features a convenient memory feature so as to help you in handling multiple projects.

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  • It is compatible with PC and Mac
  • The keyboard works perfectly with Pro tools software
  • This MIDI controller has all the features that you will ever need to for music production
  • It is perfectly portable and you can take it in either your home or studio, wherever you feel like


  • A lot of people say that this product comprises of smaller keys

7. Samson Graphite M25 mini USB midi controller

Samson Graphite M25 mini USB midi controller
Samson Graphite M25 mini USB midi controller

The basic reason for which we like this product is that it comes with an appealing in-home studio along with mobile settings so that you do not feel it hassle-some even while you are just a newbie and is stepping into this music industry. The look and feel of this gadget are yet another significant feature of this particular product and it comes with such a compact design that you can carry it anywhere and everywhere. You can even connect it to either your PC or your mobile device and tablet when you need to work with either of them. It lets you charge either via USB or an ipad. It comes with 4 trigger pads so that you can fetch a complex music experience.


  • It features a programmable master encoder along with 8 MIDI knobs.
  • In case you are looking for a more custom experience, you may go for downloading the official graphite software right from the company’s website.
  • It lets you save your own settings
  • You can even choose to optimize your MIDI workflow
  • It comes with semi-weighted keys that are featured with an amazing instrument control


  • This product is definitely not the lightest solution in the category. You would probably find a lot of other options that are even lighter than this!

8. Alesis V25

Alesis V25
Alesis V25

If you are thinking of gifting a cool yet cute MIDI controller to any child in your family, or someone who has recently decided to learn playing a controller, there could be no better option than this particular product. It comes with 25 full size keys along with 8 velocity sensitive drum pads. It features one of the most amazing designs, such that there is a provision for the gadget to be bundled with the V25 Ableton Live lite 9 and Xpand 2.


  • It comes with better sized pads than other controllers
  • There is a provision for sustain pedal input
  • It comes with pads that are way better than various other controllers available in this same category
  • There are assignable buttons


  • The pads could be more responsive than the one that’s here
  • The modulation wheels and the pitch blend are a little smaller

9. Ammoon Worlde Panda Mini

Ammoon Worlde Panda Mini
Ammoon Worlde Panda Mini

The best fact about this Ammoon mini is that it comes with a compact design and consists of controls that could comprise of added drum pads alongwith! If you are looking for a device that will give you with the full liberty to exploreyour playing experience, this keyboard comes with 25 velocity keys. The best thing about this device is that it is more than just apt if you are looking for a solution that would help you with ultimate customization. The design comes with 3 assignable control knobs which make the entire gadget come with some astounding options, particularly when it is about fading.


  • It comes with pitch up, down and octave, which would help you to master all the provisions right from the time when you are just a beginner till the time you actually master this art.
  • There is a plug and play USB connectivity which is certainly one of the most interesting solutions available in such a gadget
  • It comes with an affordable design and thus, comes with a full set of control.
  • It is extremely lightweight which is just 742 grams. Thus, you can take it anywhere you want.
  • It comes with a well organized bag kit along with a convenient utility provision


  • One of the biggest downsides of this particular product is none other than the lack of customizable color options.

Wrapping up:

Here, we have listed only a few products that come beneath 100 dollars. However, you can always go for looking at gadgets available at a higher price range. These products are indeed checked and cross-verified at our end so that you get deals that are compatible as well as affordable at the same time. These products are ideally suitable for someone who is just starting off with music production. You shouldn’t be investing too much if you are just a newbie. You never know if things would be working out. Well, if you are sincerely motivated and is looking to make a career right here, you always have open-ended options to shift to some other gadgets available at a higher price range.

I hope you all like the information on Best MIDI controller under 100 dollars

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