Casio CTK 3500 review with Full features Pros & Cons

In our series of the best keyboard options available for the beginners, here is one more excellent option that has proved to be much effective and efficient. It can be one of the great options for the beginners who are looking for an easy to use, yet a perfect keyboard for your needs.

What features does the Casio CTK 3500 offer you? Let us check out the salient features offered by the keyboard in a more exquisite detail.

The Casio CTK 3500 Review – An Overview

Casio CTK 3500 review
Casio CTK 3500 review

One of the best features that would make it one of the inexpensive keyboard options that we have been covering of late. That is the prime area of the market that they have been doing well enough. A few features that would make Casio CTK 3500 a formidable option would be a very sensitive keyboard, MIDI connection support and sustain pedal input.

It is easy to operate the portable keyboard with 61 keys. We found the additional options available on the system truly promising. The Casio CTK 3500 does offer you access to a dedicated dance music mode, a perfect sound efficiency and a lesson mode for an improved efficiency. We indeed liked the efficient education services that would be extremely helpful. It offers an on-board lesson option along with Chordana Play app.

The touch sensitivity offered by the platform should be what would ideally make it a great choice in more than one ways.

The best features that would make it a great choice

Here are a few features that would make it one of the excellent options.

Touch-sensitive keys

The Casio CTK 3500 is blessed with an excellent option that would make it a great option is the touch-sensitive keys availability. That would mean you would find it offering no control over volume. You would find access to an experience that closely resembles an acoustic piano.

The availability of touch-sensitive keys would translate itself into having no control over the melody going up or down. However, you can adjust the touch sensitivity to meet your exact playing styles.

Educational lessons

That is precisely one of the features that should ideally make it one of the powerful options for an enhanced experience in learning a piano or allied instrument. The keyboard is specifically designed for the beginners and learners, and that should explain the availability of authoritative educational guidance offered on it.

This would be an option to simplify your learning experience more of a fun and let you enjoy it in the best fun filled manner. The onboard lesson involves the use of an LCD display for a step by step instruction. The lessons cover a wide range of initial adjustments that begin with reading the notes, finger placement and of course, playing with your hands individually.

The Chordana app that can be installed on an Android or iOS device should provide you assistance with yet another powerful learning experience. It comes with 60 songs that you can master. The built-in voice modulated fingering mode should be yet another exciting option you would find impressive.

A Very Compact Design

The keyboard comes with a 61 Key design and thus best suited for the beginners. If portability and storage are your concerns, the compact construction and lightweight should be a few features that should take you ahead without hackles.

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The battery power compatibility is yet another excellent option that would make it one of the great options. That should make it one of the prime options for ensuring an enhanced and improved efficiency in playing your lessons on the move. It uses 6 AA batteries for a battery powered operation.

Dance Music Mode

The Dance Music mode is one of the excellent and perfect features that would ideally make it one of the excellent options ever. You have more than 50 preloaded dance rhythms and offers you access to best dance effects. There is an option to remix multiple dance music options.

Sound Performance

The Sound Engine on the Casio CTK 3500 should be one of the perfect and provides you access to playing the piano, and electric piano sounds much nicely enough. Of course, you would not be able to experience the highly professional audio experience. The electronic music can never reach the level of the regular music.

The keyboard comes with a 48 voice polyphony. This would include the notes that you are playing currently and any accompaniments that may be following. That should be an excellent option for the initial functionality.

You would find it incorporating over 400 different sounds and tones. The sounds include those of multiple classical and electronic instruments. The availability of reverb effects is yet another huge option that should ideally make it one of the most robust features in favour of the Casio CTK 3500.

The keyboard does feature 100 rhythms and 60 songs that should adapt to what you are playing on your device.

Connectivity options

The keyboard comes with two features that would make it one of the excellent options to go with from the connectivity point of view. The USB MIDI connector and a sustain pedal are the two features that would ideally make it one of the prime options that should be quite excellent on a keyboard available at this price point.

The interface offered on the computer is one of the prime ones and provides you access to a unique control options. You can opt for more than 100 possible settings and that way; you would be able to set up different rhythms and songs of your choice.

The Specifications for Casio CTK 3500

Having gone through a detailed review of the product, here are a few select features and specifications of the Casio CTK 3500 keyboard for beginners. This should let you have a bird’s eye view of the features offered.

Features Casio CTK 3500
Weight 7.5 pounds
Display LCD
Voices and sounds 400 different built in voices
Rhythms and other effects Special dance mode with 50 built in rhythms
Auto accompaniment 100 auto accompaniment options
Songs Total of 60 songs built in
Reverb functionality 10 levels of reverb
Polyphony 48 levels of max polyphony


Pre-sets available 100 one touch pre-set options
Sensitivity Two levels of touch sensitivity

You can turn it off if needed

Availability of ports Ports for pedals, audio in, headphones, and USB


Power Through included power adapter.

Can also opt for

Storage Store and play MIDI songs through the keyboard with the app


App compatibility Chordana Play app


Who should go with the Casio CTK 3500?

The Casio CTK 3500 is a touch-sensitive 61 key portable keyboard and has been designated to be the best option for a student or a beginner in the musical journey. The features and functionality is primarily designed, keeping the beginners in mind.

With plenty of built-in rhythms and voices, it does provide you with more of an individualised experience for achieving a better degree of experience. One of the best features that would make it a strong competitor to other powerful portable keyboard options is the ability to load a MIDI song onto the keyboard through a computer.

The keyboard showcases the musical notation of the tracks being played, thereby making you learn and play the song quite effectively. All those features should make it one of the excellent options from the point of view of a beginner on his or her musical journey.

Casio keyboards have always been known to be extremely affordable and efficient. The Casio CTK 3500 too lives up to this expectation and brings about an enjoyable experience for the students of music and the beginners. If you are attempting to get yourself into a formal education into the world of music, the Casio CTK 3500 should be the right one you would want to opt for.

A Few Pros and Cons

As with any product or service, it would be essential to check out a few of Pros and Cons offered by the Casio CTK 3500 keyboard.


  • The 61 key touch sensitive keyboard would be what would make it one of the excellent options for accurate fingering.
  • A high degree of touch sensitivity
  • Lightweight construction provides access to a better portability
  • The built in LCD display should be yet another advantage offered.
  • A huge number of sound options


  • Non-weighted keys
  • There is no onboard recording function.
  • Keyboard sound options are a little mechanical.

The Best Alternatives for Casio CTK 3500

While the Casio CTK 3500 has been considered to be one of the excellent options for an improved and enhanced experience in terms of performance and pricing, you can check out a couple of alternatives as well.

Here are a few good options that can be an excellent alternative to Casio CTK 3500.

Casio LK-265

If you are looking to make learning a fun activity, the Casio LK 265 is a prime choice over. An excellent collection of built in voices and rhythms is one of the prime features that should make it a great choice.

Over 100 one touch pre-sets, and compatibility with Chordana app are a few excellent options you would find rather exciting. The built in lessons and fingering options should be what should ideally make it one of the greatest ever features. The stereo piano voice are one of the excellent functionalities we considered one of the greatest ever features.

The auto power off while the keyboard is idle is what would make it all the more powerful option. You have access to 46 world rhythms that should further make it a fantastic choice in the long run. You have access to an enhanced experience with 100 built-in auto-accompaniment rhythms and effects.

Casio CTK 3200

It is quite similar to Casio CTK 3500, but Casio seemingly made an effort to compete with Yamaha PSR E363 for offering a better performance standard. You would observe the same degree of efficiency one both Casio CTK 3500 and CTK 3200.

The keyboard comes with a similar set of options such as the number of sounds, the same polyphony, the same keyboard, USB MIDI in every aspect. Get access to a wonderful set of features ever.

Yamaha PSR E363 and PSR 353

The Yamaha PSR E363 and PSR 353 are a couple of the great options that should ideally take it ahead in terms of a high degree of performance and efficacy. They too offer almost the similar options and offers a huge completion to Casio CTK range of keyboards.

The Yamaha PSR E363 has an upgraded 48 polyphony design. That should be the same as on Casio CTK 3500. The Yamaha PSR 353 had a 32 polyphony design. However, one of the excellent features that Yamaha products offer is it does come with a dual functionality. The keyboard is divided into two, and thus you would be able to play as a teacher and a pupil.

The Concluding Thoughts

The Casio CTK 3500 is an excellent and powerful option for providing you with a great degree of learning efficiency with a61 key portability. It should suit any kid or a beginner really well enough. It offers a fun and a better learning feature for the kids, while offering a solid option for the beginners.

The Chordana app and an excellent onboard lesson capability is what would further make it one of the highly preferred options ever. The Dance music mode is one of the much thoughtful options you would find quite exciting. This would be an ultimate option for providing you access to an eventual and interesting efficiency in creating music and having friends.

A Few FAQs you may have had about Casio CTK 3500

Having understood and experienced the best possible features offered by the Casio CTK 3500, there may still be a few questions you would want answers for. Let us check out a few of the questions and answers therefor.

Q- Can you connect the keyboard with a regular speaker?

Ans – Yes. The keyboard offers the functionality. You may even use the line out functionality if needed.

Q – Do I get weighted keys on the keyboard?

Ans– No. The keyboard comes with no weighted keys. You would get touch sensitive keys.

Q –Do you get MIDI support on the keyboard?

Ans – Yes. The Casio CTK 3500 does provide you access to MIDI support with GM compatibility Level 1 with USB terminal.

Q – What accessories can you get with the keyboard?

Ans – The keyboard comes with adopter and music stand.

Q – Does the keyboard come with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity?
Ans –
No. You will not get any Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity/

I hope you like the article on Casio CTK 3500 review

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