Korg SP170 features

Korg SP170 Review 2020– Is The SP 170 A Good Choice?

Korg SP170 Review 2020

If you’re looking for a digital piano that is stylish in a minimalistic way and even easier to use, the Korg SP170 might be just the thing you’re looking for.  The Korg brand name is well known and respected by working musicians and professional keyboard players everywhere—their name means quality, reliability and pragmatic design.

Korg SP170 Review
Korg SP170

The Korg SP 170 is no exception.  By eliminating some of the flashier components on similarly priced digital pianos, Korg is able to pack more performance and functionality into theirs.  The Korg SP170s is truly a digital piano that was designed by and for true pianists everywhere.

Korg SP170s Review – What Sounds Does It Offer?

The Korg SP170 has two concert grand piano sounds, both of which bring separate and distinct layers to the forefront.  Each concert grand piano was sampled with painstaking care (similar to the sampling done for the Yamaha P105), ensuring that you get the most realistic sound replication around.  In order to capture the true dynamics of a grand concert piano, the engineers over at Korg had to layer a number of velocities, allowing them to grab each delicate nuance and sound.

But even as piano-centric as the SP170 is, it still has additional sounds for you to play with including electric pianos, organs and harpsichord.  If you’re looking for more sounds, you might want to look elsewhere though as the Korg SP 170 sticks pretty close to its piano roots, offering only 10 sounds in total.

This is because Korg decided to really focus on replicating each pitch, note and nuance of the concert grand piano.  And they really focused on making the keyboard super-comfortable for you to play.

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The Following Video Shows Off The Korg SP170:

What Are The Main Highlights Of The SP170?

By toning down the overall look of the digital piano, Korg ensured that these two elements (sound and comfort) are at the forefront.  The clean, simple yet elegant design makes the SP 170 easy to play and adjust.  The controls are easy to reach since the power switch is mounted in the back.  The volume knob is on the front, along with two new buttons from Korg.


The keys feel absolutely realistic beneath your fingers thanks to Korg’s Natural Weighted Hammer Action.  Called the NH Keyboard, the keys on the SP 170 are heavy in the lower ranges and lighter in the upper scales, matching the touch, feel and sound of a real grand concert piano.

Korg SP170 price

You can also use the Key Touch Control to scroll through three levels of touch, making it perfect for whatever your playing style might be. This, along with the reverb and chorus effects, perfectly melds the actual sound and feel of a grand piano with the digital functionality that working pianists need in today’s diverse music world.

One thing that is missing from this piano is a USB port.  Most of the other pianos we’ve reviewed, like the Casio PX-850, come standard with this.

Sound System

The Sound button gives you a quick way to scroll through the 10 sounds offered on the SP 170.  The Piano Play button lets you quickly switch back to the first piano sound—the brilliantly recorded concert grand.

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Plus, the enhanced speaker system on the Korg SP170s gives you elegant, booming sound coming from the 10cm by 5 cm two oval speakers.  The quality of these speakers are amazing and their placement inside of the system has been perfected thanks to a redesign by the sound engineers at Korg.  The new design takes a harder look at the tone and resonance that the speakers create in relation to the body shape, meaning that this is the most technologically advanced sound systems that Korg has ever put out.

For students and teachers, there are dual headphone outputs (just like on the Yamaha P255), making it a great learning digital piano.  You can also practice without bothering anybody while still allowing another person to listen in with you as you play.  Play duets with your friends and family or learn a private lesson with your teacher without disturbing anyone around you.  Then, when you need the power for everyone to hear, you can simply connect these outputs to an external amplifier, or if you’re recording, a digital recorder.

Korg SP170 features


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