Yamaha DGX-650 Price

Yamaha DGX-650 Review – The Best offer Price on DGX-650

Yamaha DGX-650 Review

The Yamaha DGX-650 is labeled as a portable grand digital piano, though as far as portability goes, it’s really only the footprint that is small.  The actual unit is quite heavy, but other than that, what you’re getting here is a real quality instrument that will up any pianist’s skill level and give you brilliant sound and dynamics for all of your personal performances.

Yamaha DGX-650 Review
Yamaha DGX-650

Yamaha DGX 650 Review – What’s So Special?

Full set of 88 keys and 128-note polyphony

Using their brilliant Pure CF Sound Technology, Yamaha has really hit another one out of the park with their DGX650.  You get an

amazingly realistic sound sampling from the Yamaha concert grand piano, giving you a wide range of the best classical piano sounds, from pianissimo to fortissimo right at your fingertips.  The dynamics here are the real selling point as the sound is unmatched in similarly sized and priced digital grand pianos.

You also get an impressive song file catalog with the XG Song Files.  This allows you to play along with some of today’s top artists as well as permits you to play with the preset voices that are so popular in today’s recording industry.  In short, the XG brings you right on level with what the pros are working with.

You can download songs from Yamaha’s XG section on their website, giving you access to the most famous recording artists of today, yesterday and tomorrow.

The DGX650 is also available in 2 different color finishes depending on your preference, either black or white.

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What Sound Options Does The Yamaha DGX-650 Offer?

128 polyphonic notes might be a little low, but it’s fairly standard with a digital piano. It is worth noting that other models and brands offer more polyphonic notes, , such as the 256 available on the Casio PX850. The DGX 650 makes up for it though with an enormous stock of 100 preset songs among other things.

There are also 147 preset voices, 15 drum and sound effects kits and 381 G-lite present voices, which means you’ll never run out of sounds to play around with. Yamaha ups the ante even further by offering 36 reverb channels, 44 chouruses, 237 DSPs, 5 Master EQ’s and much more.

How Will The DGX-650 Enhance Your Piano Play?

The DGX 650 has Scaled Graded Hammer action in all 88 of its weighted keys (similar to the Korg SP170’s Natural Weighted Hammer Action), giving you the resonance of an acoustic piano. You can play soft, medium, hard or take the Graded Hammer action off completely and play with a fixed setting.

Yamaha DGX-650 Price
Yamaha DGX-650 Price

The piano’s built-in Smart Chord technology allows you to play chords by simply pressing one key. The technology fills in the rest of the chords for you, making this a great way to “fake” your way through performances.

There is also an Accompaniment feature that has a band “fill in” the backing on your compositions. The Style Recommender feature offers you up a list of styles based upon your individual playing techniques and preferences.

How Good Is This Piano For Learning How To Play?

Just like the Yamaha YPG-235, the famous Yamaha Education Suite comes with this digital grand piano. This is one of the premiere learning programs available. You can also play the DGX650 in split and dual mode, making it great for teachers, students and multi-tasking.

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full screen LCD display pops the score and lyrics right up onto the screen as you play. Made from 320 x 420 dots, the monochrome display has an amazingly sharp contrast that makes it easy to see the notes as they come up for quick sight reading and playback.

Can You Record And Share Your Music?

Available in a white or black finish

The DGX650 allows you to record up to five 30,000 note songs to its internal memory of 1.7 megabytes, large enough for a moderately sized song or composition library. If you run out of room, you can save additional songs to an external drive with USB flash memory, which you can transfer to a computer or share with friends.

The recording goes over 6 tracks total – 5 melody and 1 chord. There are also 195 preset voices for you to choose from to assist you in creating your compositions.

What Do Owners Think About The DGX-650?


What’s In The Box?

There is a Pitch Bend Controller on the DGX-650, a keyboard stand, footswitch, music rest and AC power cord included.

While there is only one foot pedal, it does have damper resonance so it’s usable. It would’ve been nice to have more pedals.  You can add a sustain pedal if you really need one, but it’s an extra, not included.

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