Yamaha P115 Review – The Best Article onThe P115 With Offer Price

Yamaha P115 Review

The Yamaha P115 is a high quality digital piano with a beautiful sound and a number of interesting features and options. With a full set of 88 keys, four levels of touch sensitivity, and GHS weighted action, this piano is suitable for more advanced players and even professional musicians looking for something to practice on.

Yamaha P115 Review
Yamaha P115


Yamaha P115 Review – What’s So Special?

The Yamaha P115B is a great choice of digital piano for anyone looking for a professional feel and great sound from their instruments. This model is a full-sized keyboard which means it’s perfectly suited to playing all kinds of music, while the weighted keys and the touch sensitivity allow you to play expressively and to feel almost as though you’re playing a real analog piano. This is further aided by the matte finish added to the black keys which prevents them from feeling slippery.

A great function of the Yamaha P115 and its predecessor the Yamaha P105, is an ‘Intelligent Acoustic Control’ feature. This is an adaptive EQ that will adapt the tonal balance depending on the volume settings of the keyboard. If you’ve ever noticed that some digital pianos and keyboards sound very ‘harsh’ when turned up, then you should notice the difference here, and it’s a nice, if subtle, effect.

This digital piano is surprisingly light despite being full size.  At just 26 pounds, it can be easily transported or stored away when not in use. If you want to display it and use it like an upright piano for the home, then it pairs very well with the L85 matching stand and LP5A three-pedal unit

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What Are The Differences Between The Yamaha P115 And The P105?

The one major difference between the newer P115 and the incumbent P105, is that the polyphony on this newer model has been increased from 128 notes to 192.  A step up to be sure, though not all players will ever max over 128.  Still, the extra wiggle room is there if you need it.

The tweeter position was also upgraded for the Yamaha P115, and is now located in-line with the ears of the performer for a much richer sound while you play.

Finally, a Sound Boost option(similar to the one on Yamaha’s P255 model) has been added.  This works best if you’re playing the keyboard in conjunction with other surrounding instruments.  This will boost the volume of the piano, and makes both loud and soft notes to be heard very clear.

What Are Some Extra Features Of The Yamaha P115?

Yamaha P115 price

As with most mid-range keyboards and digital pianos, the Yamaha P115 also has a dual mode that allows you to play with two instruments at once, and this can be split between the higher and lower octaves (so that the bass clef can play in a different instrument for instance). A duo mode is especially designed for playing duets and gives each player their own middle C. 192-note polyphony ensures that you can play duets or use the sustain pedal heavily without sounds cutting out.

A controller app is also available for iOS devices (same as on the Yamaha P255) and increases the number options further, allowing for a variety of additional features. Line-level auxiliary outputs meanwhile, allow you to easily use mixers and other additional devices, whereas a USB port allows you to use a wide range of different desktop software for recording your music and more.

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There are also a number of built-in songs and drum patterns, and the ’10 pianist styles’ provide a ‘virtual duet partner’ which is a lot of fun to play along with in a variety of different styles. On the downside, there are only 14 voicesin total – which, while very good, don’t cover a huge range. There are four types of reverb.

This model also comes with a 3-year warranty on parts and labor when purchased directly from Amazon and other select retailers. This is a great reassurance for anyone who’s worried about spending a lot of money on a piano that will die after a while.

Who is the Yamaha P 115 For?

With beautiful sound, excellently weighted keys, and 4 levels of touch sensitivity, this is a full-sized piano that even a professional pianist should enjoy using. Of course there are more authentic sounding devices out there at higher price ranges, but for the money you’ll be hard-pushed to come across better quality.  If you’re looking for a truly authentic piano experience at home, then the ability to add a stand and pedals is also great (though of course will increase the price somewhat).

If you’re someone who has been playing the piano a while, who enjoys performing for guests, or even who plays professionally/teaches and needs something to practice on, this is more than adequate. At the same time though, if you’re looking for the widest possible range of features then this may not be the perfect model for you. Keyboardists and those entertaining younger children may want to look elsewhere  for something a little more professional, such as the Casio PX860 which comes with a cabinet stand and lid included.


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