yamaha p45 review

Yamaha P45 Review – How Good Is The Yamaha P 45 Piano?

Yamaha P45 Review

The Yamaha P45 is an affordable, but fully functional digital piano that is perfect for intermediates and even for pros. A number of nice touches mean that this is a piano that feels comfortable to play, and this is combined with extra features that are great for learning or for creating and recording your own tracks.

yamaha p45 review
yamaha p45

What Are The Differences Between The Yamaha P45 And The P35?

Not too much has changed between the older P35 model and the newer Yamaha P 45.  The biggest difference is that the polyphony of the piano has been doubled from 32 notes on the P35 to 64 notes on the P45.  A USB port has also been added on this newer model.  At the same time however, the piano no longer sports MIDI ports as part of its connectivity repertoire.

Yamaha P45 Review – How Does It Play?

The Yamaha P45B is a full-sized 8-octave digital piano, as opposed to a keyboard which will often be only five or six octaves. What this means is that there is ample room for playing more complex music that requires both hands – which can often be a limiting factor of keyboards.

If you’ve ever tried playing piano pieces on a small keyboard, then you’ll know how cramped it is and you’ll know that often it is simply not possible. The Yamaha P45 goes beyond the cheap ‘starter keyboard’ by allowing room for growth with the full 88 keys. This also means that you can play duets on the P45B, which is essentially unfeasible on smaller models.

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At the same time, the Yamaha P 45B also feels like a real piano. This is thanks to the weighted keys (Graded Hammer Standard weighted action) which are designed to feel just like analog keys. This balance is achieved because the low end is slightly heavier than the high end, which means if you’re used to playing on an upright or grand piano, you’ll be able to adapt to the feel of this model in no time.

How Does It Sound?

The Yamaha P45B also has something else going for it when it comes to sounding like a real piano. That’s the 64-note polyphony. This essentially means that the system is capable of playing 64 notes at the same time. Again, this is something that many starter keyboards will lack and will instead cut out when multiple keys are played simultaneously. With 64 notes supported, you will be able to play any chords imaginable, as well as duets. That also means you’ll be able to use a sustain pedal heavily without the notes cutting out.

Finally, the Yamaha P 45 also boasts what Yamaha calls ‘Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling‘. This is designed to create a more realistic sounding instrument in stereo.  Another drawback of some digital pianos is often the sound, but this is an area in which Yamaha excels – you can rest assured that this model sounds almost as good as the real thing.

What Special Features Does The P45 Have?

The Yamaha P 45 also has a few additional features that give it an edge over some of the alternative models.

For instance, like its predecessor the P35, dual mode is supported which allows you to play with two voices at once. This means you can have a piano sound, backed up by strings for instance, which creates a more dynamic effect and which many younger players will be able to get a lot of fun out of. This can be used in a dual mode too, whereby one hand will play piano and the other will play strings.

In terms of voices, this digital piano boasts a total of 10 voices. This isn’t a huge selection compared to some other devices, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. You can also alter the sound yourself by selecting from four types of reverb. There are also 4 levels of touch response(to your liking), and a selection of demo and preset songs to play along with (10 of each).

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You can also play around with tuning calibration functions, a transpose function and a metronome for keeping time. A USB to HOST port also means that the keyboard can connect with a range of different devices for a wide variety of applications.

Who Is The Yamaha P 45 For?

The reason for all this comparison to electric keyboards is that the Yamaha P45 is in many ways similar to an electric keyboard. In terms of the appearance, this is a basic looking model that looks more like a keyboard than a piano. At just 26 pounds this is a lighter device, just like the Casio PX150, which may be a selling point for those who move around often, as it lacks some of the heft of a meatier instrument.

What’s more, the price is also more similar to a keyboard. This essentially then straddles the line between a keyboard and piano in terms of features as one of the more basic but affordable digital pianos.

Specifically this is an instrument that will appeal to intermediate learners as well as more experienced pianists with a more limited budget. If you’re just interested in a high quality sound with relatively few ‘gimmicks’ then this product has the right number of keys, a great feel, and an excellent sound.

What’s Missing From This Piano?

The more affordable price is also reflected in the relative lack of features. While there are some preset songs, a duo mode, and a few different voices, this is definitely a piano first and foremost with few bells and whistles.

That’s a good thing if you’re serious about playing the piano, but not such a good thing if you want to teach kids who enjoy playing with every sound under the sun.  Likewise, this is a ‘nice’ digital piano that isn’t really a suitable birthday present for a young kid who would probably get more fun from a ‘kids’ keyboard anyway.

If you have more budget though and you think you’ll benefit from some advanced features, then you might want to spend a little more on the Yamaha P115B for instance, to get extras such as a recording function and better polyphony that is lacking on the P45.

Yamaha P-45 Versus Yamaha P115

The Yamaha P-115 utilizes Pure CF Audio Motor (and Actual CF piano examples ).   In addition you receive the audio of Yamaha’s CFIIIS 9′ concert grand piano with all the P-115.

Today, let us speak regarding noise, since there’s a gap here in between those 2 pianos.   Plenty of that time period, folks want to talk in terms of a music appears appearing out from their speakers about audio.   I would like to speak about sampling.

The other factor is they feature the exact Graded Hammer typical keybed.   This really is just actually really a crucial activity by Yamaha which is excellent for newbies (that a g-h or Graded Hammer keybed,” as an example are mores targeted toward intermediate electronic piano gamers ).

In terms of specs, such pianos are identical.   The diameter is identical plus also they feature 8-8 keys, although Even the P-115 includes elevation.


But this isn’t really just a enormous bargain, in my own opinion.

Thus, P-115 and also the Yamaha P-45 substituted the Yamaha P 105 plus P35 a Few Short Years Ago.   And mainly due to the fact those pianos are really costly, it is extremely clear that you just may like to know some noteworthy differences among the two of these tools.

While the contains 10 With respect to appears, the P-115 includes 14 voices.

Even the depend is where you are going to see the difference, since the P-115 includes notes of polyphony, in comparison to this P45, that includes 6 4.

I’d state the P-115 comes with a matte finish In case you would like to become somewhat nitpicky.   That really isn’t a huge deal, however may be well worth noting whether there is some thing which you worry for.

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The P 45 around the opposite hand will not possess that particular.  On the Contrary, It utilizes AWM Stereo Sampling.


These really are both pianos that are excellent, particularly when you are a newcomer.   However, the offers the price that is far superior.

That is clearly a fairly crude  gap.   It follows you’ll be more effective at playing with bits that are expressive and complex employing the P-115 than you’d find it possible to while still.   You discover the bass don’t disappear as fast since the perform the P 45 to .


The finish may truly feel though I guess to a level, just a bit easier if you get into the keys, that provides an additional level of credibility the P 45 will not possess.

Yamaha P-45 Versus Yamaha P71

As an instance, it is maybe perhaps not showcased on Yamaha’s Pseries line-up site.   And also the piano looks showcased on Amazon’s internet site.

Thus, what is the distinction involving the Yamaha P-45 along with Yamaha P71?   Very well…to be fair…practically almost absolutely nothing at all.

Thus, in case you were fighting to if to get the Yamaha P 45 or even P71–battle no longer.   They really are the specific same electronic violin.

Which may seem somewhat shocking, although it really is rather correct.   These pianos are equal to another, once they’ve been asked that this question, also Yamaha has said as much on their website.

Today, you may possibly have pointed out there is just really a fresh electronic piano in the spectacle termed the Yamaha P71.   However, there is not a Whole Lot of advice on this


Yamaha P 45 Versus Yamaha P-125

Yet Still another advantage of this Yamaha P-125 into this P45 Could Be that your polyphony Rely.   Whilst the has 64 notes of polyphony Even the P-125 includes an 192 notes of polyphony.   Then you certainly can also be content with this P 45 and also will most likely not take care of it, if you a novice.


Therefore today, you need to utilize the program make it possible for double or divide ways, in addition to saving and recording any musical bits which you make directly into the program itself.   And also you also have the responses of one’s choices close to your tablet computer or telephone screen.

As Well as Within This Instance, Actual CF Sampling is now much more recent and Far Better tech compared to AWM Stereo Sampling.

Currently, everything I enjoy regarding the Yamaha P-125’s is that it’s exceptional potential to incorporate together with technological innovation.   With all the Yamaha P-125, then you need to make utilize of the sensible Pianist program.   This really can be a program that can operate in combination with an i-phone or an i-pad, also can be amazing as the P-125 will not possess an LCD display.

These two sampling”methods” are in essence manners by which Yamaha moves the noises out of the conventional piano in to the electronic piano.

But in the event that you should be needs to cultivate being a pianist, also you also care for note rust and urge to engage in with more expressive bits which contain lots of, lots of notes taking part in one time, even the P-125 is just about a nobrainer.

And like the P-115, that utilized Pure CF Sampling, therefore will the P-125.   By comparison, AWM Stereo Sampling is used by the P45.

Additionally you provide the capacity to employ an attribute named Chord Chart, that lets you play with with your favourite music genres.   Chord Chart Permitting You to perform together with your Favourite songs displays the exact chord symbols assesses tunes


Yamaha P 45 Compared to Casio PX-160

The Casio PX-160 Doesn’t Have 192-notes of all polyphony such as the P-115 or the P-125.

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Thus, whilst I despise harping with this particular specific point, I would like to reiterate it again one longer.   In the event you believe you are likely to play with bits onto your own piano, then you are surely will need.

Shortly soon right immediately following the un-boxing, it truly is simple to see the similarities involving your brand newest P 45 it is Length: that the P45 is developed upon the plan of this P35 and stocks the exact streamlined lightweight chassis (just 25 kilos ) which establishes the most distinguished Yamaha’s GHS (Graded Hammer typical ) keyboard.

As you may pick from different sensitivity degrees to matching your playing mode, the computer keyboard itself is a touch overly dumb if performed in a lowly amount or with cans, specially inside the medium/lower-end.  Here really is some thing which seems to impact a few of Yamaha services and products, thus deciding between a single among the cheaper models of company wont help solve the issue.

Even the GHS computer keyboard stipulates a milder touch over both decreased keys along with also far additional responsiveness over the greater place, which is ideal for pupils who can not manage to obtain a true piano however still wish a persuasive and sensible softball computer keyboard to the clinic together with.

Alas, the controls that are available aren’t sufficient to show the P 45 to a true master computer keyboard, however, the built-in USB interface gives you the ability to conserve money to get an outside USB/MIDI port and also compensate to get your own average deficiency of some integral sound recorder, and this is a pity to get a 2015 merchandise or service.

Additionally returning at an identical precise location of this prior version would be the key controllers (energy Shift, Master quantity as well as the caked perform button), and also the two-6W integral speakers, even while still across the back side we all now detect that the brand newest USB-to-host connector replacement the old MIDI I/O, and it is today’s approach to engage in record your own music by means of a laptop or personal laptop keyboard.

Those two electronic pianos are nearly equal in selling cost tag (each are around $500).   These two are pianos, and are portable tools.

Due to the thicker signature at the lighter touch at the luxury, this optional activity keyboard will be the ideal option for newcomers that would like to discover the basic principles and also for intermediate musicians that would like to clinic and strengthen their own technique together using similar signature and feel of the true piano.

Underneath the palms, the brand newest P 45 sounds equally like you may be expecting: that the atmosphere attracted from the traditional AWM motor from Yamaha is consistently gratifying along with also the piano tone is very amazing by virtue of this brand newest 64-note polyphony, that ensures a far expressive and more profound piano practical encounter by retaining twice the number of notes while still pressing on the sustain pedal, or even if employing the”Double” coating style.

Although one additional incorporated voices aren’t shining due to his or her excessive tone characteristic, they have been even now a great incentive which create the P 45 a perfect selection for musicians that need a more light weight and more inexpensive resolution for gigs or rehearsals, notably those Rhodes-like electrical piano noise and also the strings tone, and that mixes nicely when found in coating style with all the acoustic guitar piano.


Additionally from your P35 is the exact identical AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) audio motor, that supplies two amazing, crisp, and sensible acoustic tones, two electrical piano noises, two penis versions, two harpsichord variants plus a strings patch and also the Yamaha’s traditional vibraphone design

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