Yamaha PSR E443 Review – How Good Is The PSR E443?

Yamaha PSR E443 Review

The Yamaha PSR E443 digital piano is a 61-key portable keyboard that places emphasis on a wide variety of built-in voices and exciting features and extras. This makes it a great choice for those who enjoy composing, or for keyboardists playing in bands. It could also make a very good keyboard for someone looking to learn piano without breaking the bank.

Yamaha PSR E443 Review
Yamaha PSR E443

Yamaha PSR E443 Review – How Does It Feel And Sound?

The Yamaha PSR E443 is a gun-metal grey-looking keyboard with a blue LCD display. It doesn’t have the sleek elegance of a digital piano, but it certainly wouldn’t look out of place on stage alongside an electric guitar and other rock instruments. At just 15 pounds and only 38 x 16 x 6 inches, it’s light enough and small enough to be taken on the road for band practice or performances as well, in much the same fashion as the Yamaha YPG-235.

Yamaha PSR E443 features

What will stand out most about this model though is the variety of features and voices. With an astounding 755 high-quality voices built in, there is tons to play around with, and this is great fun for kids getting to grips with the piano for the first time, as well as being a great starting point for composition. The sounds are great and the built-in speakers feature a bass boost for giving a more powerful and guttural effect. Many of the sounds include instruments from different musical styles around the world including Latin, Arabic, Chinese, African, and more.

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The LCD screen isn’t just for show either, and displays music notes, chord information, and additional functions. This helps not only with navigating the myriad of settings and options, but can also be educational for those just learning the ropes for the first time.

This Video Shows Off The Yamaha PSR E443:

Yamaha PSRE443 Review – What Are The Extra Features?

Of course it wouldn’t be a keyboard without some fancy options to edit the voices through. This model includes pitch-bend knobs, as well as other settings that allow you to alter the sound to your liking.

Arpeggio function allows you to break apart chords into impressive sounding arpeggios for ‘impossible’ sounding keyboard solos (with 150 arpeggio patterns), while you can also benefit from pattern functions, including the ability to add loops and beats. This allows you to layer your own performances to become a one-man band.

The PSR E443 improves on the E343 model in a few ways.  It has a total of four speakers as opposed to two, a 6-track recorder (like the Yamaha DGX650 piano) versus a 2-track, an extra USB port, and last but not least, over 600 more voices than the 343 version.

iOS connectivity also adds more options for those with Apple devices by allowing more sensitive control of voices, as well as use with a variety of apps. These include Yamaha’s ‘Scale Tuner’, ‘Metronome’ and ‘Visual Performer’ apps. For those without iOS devices, USB support provides compatibility with a range of desktop programs.

How Does The PSR E443 Compare To Other Entry-Level Keyboards?

Who Is The Yamaha PSRE443 For?

The Yamaha PSRE443 has a huge selection of voices and controls which make it suitable for players of nearly any skill level, and which provide pretty much limitless possibilities.

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The good thing though is that the price remains relatively low and the extra features will stay well out of your way if you don’t need them.

What this means is that you can give this keyboard as a gift to a young child learning to play the piano and they won’t need to worry about all the different buttons. At the same time though, as they get older they’ll have more fun options to experiment with.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are enough options here to make this a viable choice for someone starting out in a band. This does not offer the same level of customization as a proper synthesizer, but if you’re playing backing keyboards (with perhaps the odd solo), the voices, pitch bend, looping functions, and arpeggios will be adequate for some great performances.

Yamaha PSR E443 price


What Is This Keyboard Missing?

The design emphasis of the PSR E443 was as a beginner/backing keyboard, and thus it  lacks the full range of octaves and would eventually need to be replaced for serious pianists.  Note that this is a 61-key portable keyboard. If you are learning the piano on this device then you will likely eventually have to ‘graduate’ to a larger 88-key instrument such as Casio’s PX150 keyboard,  or you may start feeling rather claustrophobic.

The keyboard also does not ship with a PA-150 power adapter, and instead needs to be purchased separately as an accessory.

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