Yamaha YPG-535 Review

Yamaha YPG-535 Review – A Detailed Look At The YPG535

Yamaha YPG-535 Review 2020

The Yamaha YPG-535 is a portable grand piano digital keyboard that comes with a matching stand and a sustain pedal.  Featuring 88 keys and a graded soft touch (GST) action, you’ll feel like you’re playing on the real thing when you sit behind your Yamaha YPG535.  Not only does it look and feel like a real grand piano, it also sounds like a grand piano thanks to the high resolution stereo piano sample.

Yamaha YPG-535 Review
Yamaha YPG-535

What’s Special About The Yamaha YPG-535?

This is a great digital piano for just about any skill level.  For beginners, you’ll love how easy the YPG535 is to use.  Intermediate pianists will appreciate the Yamaha Education Suite, full keyboard mode, and other piano-centric features.  Advanced pianists will fall in love with the high-resolution stereo sampling that makes the tonality sound pitch-perfect, as well as the GST which lets you play with different levels of resistance.

Everyone will love the PA-150 energy-saving power adapter that cuts the typical electricity used by a digital piano in half.  The sustain pedal and matching stand are also big standouts here for Yamaha’s YPG535.

If you’re at the point in your musical career where recording your pieces, ideas, and compositions is important to you, there is a 6-track recorder built right into the piano.  Just as on the Casio PX850, you can transfer your ideas to and from the YPG via USB ports on the back.  There are also lyric, chord, and notation displays to make everything you do and play on the Yamaha YPG 535 that much easier and professional.

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This Video Illustrates The Play Of The 535:

How Does It Enhance Your Play?

You never have to turn another piece of sheet music again, thanks to the Yamaha’s lyric, chord, and notation display.  Any piece you play, whether pre-loaded or saved from the internet, is completely annotated during automatic scroll on the LCD screen.  You can also record your own music and have it instantly play your notes on the screen during playback.  This is a simple way to write, record, learn and play music. Works with lyrics as well for singers.

Additionally, a one-touch setting gives you the option of letting the smart computer inside of the Yamaha YPG pick the exact voices for you depending on the song you upload.  This eliminates the guesswork and tedious process of going through sounds to find the right one for the song you want to play.

Can You Learn To Play the Piano With The YPG535?

The performance assists technology allows you to play the perfect song each and every time, no matter what keys you hit.  You control the pace and pitch by moving your fingers faster or slower up and down the 88 keys.  Play the perfect solos, arpeggios or chords each and every time.  A great tool for learning.

amaha YPG-535 price

The built-in Yamaha education suite, which also comes standard on the Yamaha DGX 650, helps you learn how to play piano with 30 built-in songs and 70 more on the CD-ROM.  Each song is separated into right and left hand parts, as well as 7 levels of lessons for each song.  There is also a chord dictionary on the LCD screen so you will know every chord there is.

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The education suite on the Yamaha YPG-535 also has a waiting mode that waits for you to find the right note before continuing, a tempo mode that brings the song into the tempo you are playing at so that you can learn at your own pace, and a lesson grading system that gives you a grade so you can monitor your progression.

How Does The YPG-535 Compare To Other Keyboards In Its Price Range?

Can You Load External Music Files?

The music database on the 535 is expandable, meaning that you can load in your favourite songs and the YamahaYPG535 will automatically select the right voicings for your right hand, the right tempo for the piece, and the correct musical style.  You can literally find any piano music piece that is in MIDI format, load it, and play it.

Can The Yamaha YPG-535 Connect To Your Computer?

2 USB ports on the back allow you to connect the Yamaha YPG-535 to a host in order to plug in and play for easy recording or playback with MIDI files. You can also connect the USB to a device, allowing you a quick and simple way to transfer data back and forth from your keyboard and computer.  This works for floppy disks and thumb drives as well as USB flash ports.

Can You Save Your Personalized Settings?

The registration memory allows you to save up to 16 user settings that can be uploaded at any time.  This is great for a shared digital keyboard or a classroom setting, as this allows different people to use the piano and store the individual personalized settings they like to play the piano with.

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You can save your sounds and settings, allowing you to get your perfect performance each and every time, even if someone else uses the digital keyboard.  Use this along with performance assist technology to work better with your Yamaha Education Suite.

Yamaha YPG-535 Review – Are There Any Drawbacks? 

This is a great digital piano for the majority of pianists out there.  The downsides here are that the piano has non-weighted keys (unlike the Korg SP170 we reviewed), and therefore will not mimic the true feel of an acoustic piano’s keys.

Also, while it still packs a punch in terms of notes it can generate, it is on the low-end of the polyphony scale with just 32 notes when compared to some higher-end models.

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