Yamaha YPT-240 review

Yamaha YPT-240 review 2020 features pros & cons Buyer Guide

Well, imagine this scenario – you have a kid who is about to learn how to play the piano or any other musical instrument. Of course, you are not sure whether they would be comfortable with the learning process and do not want to spend a huge amount until they get used to the concept.

That is where an electronic keyboard such as Yamaha YPT 240 would assume a lot of importance and offers extreme assistance. We will carry out a review of the best features provided by the Yamaha YPT 240.

The Yamaha YPT 240 Review 2020 – An Overview

Yamaha YPT-240 review
Yamaha YPT-240 review


Learning how to play the piano is a difficult task in itself. In fact, it can be one of the hardest tasks and thus involves a lot of doubts, hesitations, and other issues. That is where the Yamaha YPT 240 can come much handy.

The YPT 240 is a portable piano keyboard and provides you access to one of the best options for a 61 key music keyboard. The keyboard does offer you practically everything that you have been looking ahead to in a keyboard. It does offer you access to a huge range of sounds and other essential functionalities. You can have access to a huge range of songs and styles, along with hundreds of instrument voices. You would be able to imitate the sounds of strings, brass, and percussion. It should be one of the excellent options for the aspiring musicians out there.

Having gone through an introduction to Yamaha YPT 240 in the above paragraphs, let us analyze the keyboard with respect to a few key parameters.

Build Quality

If you believe in the adage that looks to define the quality, you would be wrong when it comes to the YPT 240. You will find that the Yamaha YPT 240 is not a cheap quality offering as you would tend to believe in having a look at it.

We would instead consider it one of the excellent options in the category of inexpensive keyboards rather than calling it a cheaper option. It provides you access to a 61 key keyboard option. It is much smaller than the other digital pianos of the same genre. A very simple design is what should ideally make it one of the best-suited options for use with the beginners.

Playing a 61 key keyboard is one of the excellent options if you are learning how to play a keyboard or even a digital piano. It works out to be one of the portable keyboards and provides you access to a perfect introductory model for the beginners. The high end portability is what would make it one of the excellent choices. As a beginner or a learner, you would want to carry your keyboard with you anywhere you want to. That is precisely where the portability of the Yamaha YPT 240 will come to the fore.

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The Keys

As we already mentioned, the Yamaha YPT 240 is a 61 key keyboard. That would help you learn the basics of the music playing in an effective manner. Of course, this would not be useful for the experienced users, but are specifically designed for beginners.

The keys are incredibly responsive, which provides yet another advantage for the beginners. However, the lack of lighting may be something you would be comfortable with. They may appear a little plasticky. They may appear a bit cheap as well. However, given the price, you may feel it a good option.

The Insides

The technology used in the keyboard would be one of the critical aspects one would need to focus on when picking the best option. The Yamaha YPT 240 offers the AWM Stereo Sampling technology, and it has been considered to be one of the primary sound engines on the Yamaha range of keyboards.

You would witness a smoother and efficient communication between the multiple components of the keyboard. The primary touch response functionality is one of the excellent options that would be a significant performance characteristic for the beginners. You can get access to an improved and enhanced touch responsiveness.

The keys are not weighted, and that is what would disturb the seasoned users. However, given the fact that the keyboard is basically designed for the beginners, the weighted keys are not necessarily needed. The 32 notes of polyphony in the YPT-240 can be an excellent choice for the beginners.

Voices and Styles

That is an area that we liked the Yamaha YPT 240 to be a perfect choice. It does provide a wide range of sounds. You have a whopping 385 sounds built into the keyboard. With that number, you would find nothing being out of sync.

You can have access to the option to replicate a wide range of instruments. You have access to a considerable number of instrument options that include electric pianos, organs, accordions, guitars, bass, strings, choir, saxophone, trumpet, brass, flutes, synths, percussion, and a lot more.

In addition, you have access to 100 different styles and 102 songs built within the instrument. That should be yet another excellent option for providing a superior functionality that should work the best option for the beginners. This will make it one of the first options to ensure that you will find it as an excellent option for making learning a very enjoyable experience. This can also be a good option for the beginners in learning new songs.

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The sounds offered by the Yamaha keyboard tend to be extremely solid in their own right. You would indeed experience the versatility offered when you play those songs.

Check out the Yamaha YPT 240 Review Video 

The crucial features of Yamaha YPT 240 in a nutshell

While the Yamaha YPT 240 would be one of the cheaper options for the beginners, it does come with an excellent set of features that should make it one of the much favoured options.

Some of the great features we found quite useful enough would include

Spanning across five octaves

Even with just 61 keys, it can span across five octaves. This would provide you access to a better music functionality. The five octaves should be one of the excellent options for learning basic positions for your fingers.

Learning tools

The access to Yamaha Education Suite would make it yet another excellent option in the long run. In fact, it would improve the possibility of a better learning opportunity for the beginners. The suite provides you with plenty of options and tools to hone your skills and making it easier to learn newer skills.

Built in Metronome

Yet another feature that would make Yamaha YPT 240 one of the preferred options would be the built in Metronome. This would be helpful in staying in tune with whichever song you are playing. You would be able to learn the rhythm and pace of each of the songs. It will help you correct any wrong move you might have made.

Responsive keys

The keys on the Yamaha YPT 240 are quite responsive, and that should be yet another huge advantage in favor of the keyboard. It would feel like a real piano in most of the scenarios. Of course, the lack of weighted keys can always be a concern.

Melody Suppressor

The melody suppressor would be an excellent option that can help you lower the vocals and let you hear almost all the notes without hassles or suppression. That should make it yet another great feature that would make it an excellent choice for the beginners.

The Plus points offered by Yamaha YPT 240

What ae the pros that e observed with the Yamaha YPT 240 keyboard? Let us check out the advantages one by one –

  • Highly responsive keys are what would make it a perfect option in more ways than one. In fact, the lower number of 61 keys is what would help the beginners learn without having to get overwhelmed. The five octaves and the ability to reach more octaves can be one of the excellent choices.
  • The Yamaha Education Suite is what would make it a great choice and makes it one of the perfect learning tool. In fact, that is precisely what makes it one of the greatest ever options to opt for from the possibility of educating a beginner. The built in education suite would be what should make it an excellent solution for your needs.
  • A higher degree of connectivity is yet another plus point we observed with the Yamaha YPT 240. You should be able to connect with practically every device on iOS, and that includes the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
  • Ultra wider audio reproduction is aimed at offering you a wider stereo image and a more magnificent sound. The on-board lessons should further improve the experience.
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The disadvantages of Yamaha YPT 240

Just like the advantages offered by the Yamaha YPT 240, we have discussed here, the keyboard for the beginners does come with a few disadvantages as well. However, given the fact that the keyboard is specifically offered for the beginners, these disadvantages should be something we would definitely want to overlook.

  • Non weighted keys can be a concern. Even when the keyboard is designed for the beginners, the lack of weighted keys can be something that would not give a feeling of a real piano. However, weighted keys can also be a deterrent for the newbies.
  • Lack of lighted keys should be yet another issue. In fact, the presence of lighted keys would have been a good option for a step by step learning. Practicing without a proper guide can be something beginners would be a little confusing.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that was a complete review of Yamaha YPT 240, and that should be what would help you achieve the best possible performance for the beginners who are trying to learn how to play musical instruments. If you are wondering whether you should buy it, we would definitely consider it worth choosing. The keyboard can be quite helpful in learning the nuances of playing a keyboard.

An excellent learning tool, you would also find it offering a truly enhanced experience. And yes, it comes at a highly affordable price, and that should make it a great choice ever. That should be yet another added advantage.

I hope you like the article on Yamaha YPT 240 review

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