Yamaha YPT 255 Review 2020 features Price alternatives

In our series of the best keyboards for the beginners, we will today take up a review of Yamaha YPT 255. In fact, it should be one of the premier learning options for the best possible experience ever. Some of the features that would make it one of the prominent options would include an exceptional sound, ease of use, and a simple functionality.

Let us analyse the keyboard in a more exceptional detail and understand how effective it is in offering you an excellent learning experience ever.

The Yamaha YPT 255 Review – An Overview of the Learner’s Piano keyboard

Yamaha YPT 255 Review
Yamaha YPT 255 Review

The Yamaha YPT 255 is a wonderful option for the exceptional efficiency in terms of an excellent option for the great sounds and multiple features. The reliability and ease of use offered by the platform should be one of the perfect options that would ideally make it a great choice you would want to go with.

The 61 key keyboard provides you access to 61 keys that have a full sized option for a perfect performance. The full sized keys are what would ideally make it one of the great options for learning real piano along with the fingering lessons on the LCD screen. The possibility of changing to different instruments would be what can make it a great choice by almost every standard.

The Yamaha YPT 255 – The Specification Sheet

Before we can begin our review and analysis of the best features offered by the learning keyboard, here are the specifications provided by the Yamaha YPT 255 would include the following –

Particulars Features
Keys 61 keys
Display LCD display
Number of songs 102
Accompaniment styles 100
Polyphony 32
Key Features · Recording and playback

· Master EQ

· Transpose option

· Grand Piano button

Connectivity ports ·  Headphone jack

·  Sustain pedal jack

·  AUX IN jack to connect the external audio source

Included accessories ·   Music rest

·   SXKS Standard keyboard stand

·   Samson HP30 Closed-Cup headphones

Power AC or battery power
Auto power off Yes


Notable features offered by the Yamaha YPT 255

Yamaha YPT 255 best price

Well, if you really want to understand and go through a review of the Yamaha YPT 255 keyboard, it would be a great idea to check out the best features that the piano keyboard offers you.

Some of the features offered by the Yamaha YPT 255 would include

Build and design

The compact and lightweight construction should make it one of the best options you would want to go with. The lightweight construction should be one of the excellent options that can prove to be quite an excellent option from the portability point of view.

The Keys

The Yamaha YPT 255 comes with a 61 key construction. The strong and responsive keys are what would provide you access to an excellent functionality. The full sized and piano like keys should be what would make it one of the excellent options ever.

Keys are not weighted, and this can definitely be one of the severe concerns if you are trying to use the keyboard specifically for learning purposes. The lack of the bounce and resistance can be one of the issues you would face and something that would lessen the experience of a true piano playing.

However, if you have had no experience of a piano before, this can offer a better learning experience with no resistance. A resistance as on the piano key may prove to be a little hard to control if you are only starting out with piano.

Yamaha Education Suite

This should be one of the enormous advantages that you would come across when using the Yamaha YPT 255 as a learning aid. The tool provides you with access to an excellent suite of learning aids. Some of the benefits offered by the education suite would include waiting mode, timing mode, and listen mode.

The education suite does offer you a host of features and functions and those should be one of the excellent options for examining your advancement further. In fact, there are several test mode offered as part of the Yamaha Education suite to help you analyse, test and grade your performances. That should be an excellent option that should ideally help you if you are a beginner. The education suite lets you analyse yourself with a nine step lesson mode.

Quality Voices

The Yamaha YPT 255 coms with a huge collection of 385 different sounds. The different voices available on the platform include pianos, flutes, and guitars. The grand piano voices would be yet another advanced options which provide you access to stereo sampled sounds. That should be something that would provide be enhanced feeling.

The keyboard also comes with reverb effects which will go a long way in promoting your experience further ahead. If you really want to get access to a truly perfect experience of playing in a concert hall, and other enhanced options of extra resonance.

Styles and songs

Yet another excellent feature that should ideally makes it one of the great options for the beginners would be the plenty of features and functions that it offers you. The styles and songs offered through the platform should be yet another option from this perspective.

The Yamaha YPT 255 is equipped with 100 different styles and 102 different pre-set songs. You should be able to play a host of songs like a professional. The 100 accompaniment styles should ideally help you get access to a virtual live band with ease.

The 102 built in songs should be yet another excellent option that can improve the entertainment value of the keyboard. In addition, they can also be useful in helping you understand the rhythm of some songs. Combine these sons with Yamaha Education Suite, and you can experience a better degree of experience in becoming more proficient.

Master EQ

The Yamaha YPT 255 portable piano keyboard offers a master EQ functionality. Get access to bright or boost settings to ensure that you get a sound that you really expect to get. This will work out to provide you with a more fluid experience in learning the things in a better manner. In fact, this can go a long way in training yourself in a more positive manner.

The technology behind the Keyboard

The Yamaha YPT 255 does provide you access to a really wonderful experience with the AWM stereo sampling. This should ideally be one of the excellent options for an improved and enhanced performance of entry level keyboard.

You would experience an enhanced experience that would provide you with access to a convincing sound experience. This would be more so with the Portable Grand feature. Of course, you would not find it an excellent option in terms of Yamaha sampling. However, it should be a good option from the point of view of a beginner’s keyboard.

Transpose Functionality

This feature would be more practical if you are playing along with other vocalists and musicians. The transpose function should be one of the most substantial factors that can be achieved with the help of adjusting the tone of the instruments through the semitones. The Portable Grand Button, for instance, would help you create the sound of an acoustic grand piano.

Connectivity options

The keyboard does come with an AUX IN jack for connecting an external audio source. This can be an excellent option for playing any song in your music library. The headphone jack can be yet another thoughtful addition to provide you access to playing and practising on your own without affecting anyone else.

Polyphony Options

The Yamaha YPT 255 does come with 32 levels of polyphony. You also have access to reverb and chorus settings of your preference. This can be yet another advantage that can help you provide you access to a better learning experience. You would be able to have access to a wide range of options such as musical songs, effects, styles, voices, and effects. This can go a long way in promoting your ability to become a professional musician.

Some other practical options that have proved themselves to be quite excellent on the Yamaha YPT 255 can include automatic power off functionality, the powered battery option and multiple learning options.

The Pros and Cons of Yamaha YPT 255

Some of the Pros and Cons of the product that would provide you with a better understanding of the product can include the following.


  • The 61 key design should be one of the excellent options for learning and growing at the best possible rate.
  • A wide range of added accessories that offer an excellent performance.
  • The Yamaha Education suite offers a better degree of simple and effective piano lessons
  • Transpose option provides a better degree of ability to play with others.
  • Auto power off functionality that provides a perfect battery saving ability.


  • The non-weighted keys would be one of the issues that would prevent you from getting the real piano experience.
  • Connectivity with the digital devices is a little limited.
  • There is no support for MIDI files

The Accessories that form part of the Sales package

One of the excellent options that would make it one of the excellent options is the availability of a wide range of accessories that form part of the sales package.

Some of the options would include

Samson HP30 Cl​​​​​osed-Cup Headphones

These headphones come with the padded headband and earcups for the best possible comfort levels. The headphones are extremely useful in providing an all day comfort for the users. The perfect loudness should be yet another added advantage. A high clarity and fidelity are the other features that would make it a great choice.

The headphones come with a 9 feet cord that would provide you access to an enough room for the best possible movement.

SXKS Standard Keyboard Stand

The stand is capable of holding a weight of up to 130 pounds. It would provide you access to an enhanced power with a steel construction. The five levels of height adjustment would be one of the added advantages. That would make it a perfect option for playing your keyboard, whether standing or sitting.

The stand has rubber caps that would help you prevent slipping or shifting of the stand. The foldable design is yet another huge plus point you would find an excellent option.

A few Good Alternatives for the Yamaha YPT 255

Now that we have covered the Yamaha YPT 255 is a good detail, here are a few alternative options that can be useful and practical in the long run.

Some good alternatives would be

Yamaha YPT 260 vs Yamaha YPT 255

The YPT 260 is a newer option when compared to the YPT 255. It is made available at the same price point, but packs in a host of advantages. Some of the features such as polyphony, design considerations and sampling technology, remain almost on the same line. In addition, you would find a few excellent upgrades.

The built in metronome would be one of the huge advantages. The better number of built in rhythms and voices would be yet another plus point. In essence, the YPT 255 and YPT 260 are almost identical in terms of price and features, but adds up a few extra features in the form of more sounds, settings, songs, and options.

Yamaha PSR E253 vs Yamaha YPT 255

That should be yet another excellent options you can definitely give a thought to. The keyboard does look identical to the YPT 255. The inclusion of a pair of 2.5W speakers is one of the added advantages.

The dual mode functionality would be one of the best features, and you would find it on both YPT 255 and PSR 253. This can go a long way in connecting it to an external audio source. The significant difference between the two is the design parameters. The PSR 253 should be one of the most professional looking options ever. It also provides you with a more classy design when compared to the PSR 253.

Casio Privia PX-160 vs Yamaha YPT 255

This is yet another option among the perfect alternatives for the Yamaha YPT 255. It should be one of the perfect options for the affordable pianos. Available at an affordable pricing, the Casio Privia PX 160 offers you a host of enhanced features that are available only on the high end products.

Available with 88 keys, the keyboard offers you an excellent hammer action. The proprietary AiR sound engine technology makes sure that you gain access to a wonderful experience irrespective of your experience with playing the piano. The high quality speaker system is what would make it an excellent option. It has indeed been treated to be the most feature rich options ever.

Should you buy the Yamaha YPT 255?

Well, Yamaha has proved its efficiency with its wide range of products and the YPT 255 should ideally be the excellent options. We would consider the YPT 255 a great option ever and lives up to the expectations with the huge options offered by the keyboard.

Check out our review and take a call based on the best options available. The review here should ideally be helpful in the long run.

A Few FAQs with respect to Yamaha YPT 255

Now that we have learnt enough about the Yamaha YPT 255, here are a few FAQs that would be helpful in understanding the piano keyboard to the best of our knowledge.

Q –Does Yamaha YPT 255 provide weighted and full sized keys?

A – Well, YPT 255 does not offer weighted keys. However, you have access to full sized keys similar to those on the real piano.

Q- Can I connect the computer to the keyboard?

A – No. YPT 255 does not come with a support for MIDI file support or USB connectivity.

Q – Can I opt for a foot pedal on this keyboard?

A – Yes. You can opt for a foot pedal with the Yamaha YPT 255. Of course, you would need to opt for the pedal as a separate accessory.

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